Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines

General information

Providing Pfizer COVID-19 vaccinations free of charge to all individuals aged 12 years of age and older (including over 60s).

Using the facilities of the Shailer Park Dental practice, the vaccine clinic is operated and run by Australian trained GPs and qualified nursing staff.

Any questions or concerns about the vaccine can be discussed with the doctor during your appointment.

1st and 2nd Pfizer doses welcome.

If you’ve had your 1st dose elsewhere we can do your 2nd dose here and upload it to your immunisation record.


Opening hours

Open every Sunday (variable opening hours).

This Sunday (October 24th) open from 8am-1pm.

Bookings ideal, walk ins also accepted.

Bookings arranged to provide a streamlined process and minimal waiting times.


Important information

Medicare card is essential.

Main road parking only (car park reserved for those with disabilities)

2nd Pfizer dose must be a minimum of 3 weeks after the 1st dose

Will be providing Pfizer vaccines to 5-11 year olds and booster shots when approved by the government.


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Shailer Park dental clinic to become a Pfizer vaccination hub on Sunday


Booking A Covid-19 Vaccination

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